Buy a website for your business

We create websites, logos and online profiles for small businesses all around Sweden.

We always included the following in our packages:


  • fixed prices, no surprises
  • free email and telephone support
  • 1 year free domain and server
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Web design for businesses and private persons

When designing a website we put you and your customers in the center and we try to create a web design where user-friendliness and functionality are in focus. And of course the site should look great!

The key to building a website that you have imagined is to have an open, honest and resourceful dialogue. YOU say what you want, WE show you all the alternatives. TOGETHER we build it.

It goes pretty much like this:


  1. You place an order to buy a website from us
  2. We receive materials such as pictures, text and so on from you.
  3. We draw sketches and create a prototype of the website in WordPress or Joomla
  4. You choose the design that you like the most.
  5. We add all texts and pictures, optimize the site and launch it!

A web design company at the heart of Helsingborg

We are a young web design company in Helsingborg, Skåne and we are in business of creating homepages and sites for small businesses as well as private persons. We are specialized on using WordPress and Joomla to create tailored made sites for our customers. We have the knowledge and the means to cover all online needs of a small business on the internet.


We can help you with website design, design of print material and logos.


Just give us a call!



Our web solutions help your business to grow online: more leads, increasing calls, and higher revenue


We help you to present your company, your products or your services on the web by creating Brand name, Logo and slogan.

Web Design
We have the knowledge and the tools to design and create your web site. We use WordPress, Joomla, Bootstrap, Java Script, Python and more.
Search Engine Optimization
We find the keywords that are unique for your line of business. We implement tags and codes into your web content and we make them visible to Google.
Information structure

We help you not only to put your information on the internet but to put them the right way! A good information structure is as important as a good design.

Do you want that your company’s online presence to make a difference for your business ?


A simple blog? A company profile? A Web shop? A complex Social Forum? What do you have in mind? We can help you to build it.


We use our skills and tools to increase the visibility of your company and products to the Search Engines like Google and Bing.


We can make your site multilingual. Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left languages? Both? No problem. English, Swedish, Arabic, Farsi, …


Why choosing us?



What you pay is for a whole package. We won’t bill your for the things you have not agreed upon at the beginning.


NO rediculess BINDING terms!

The first year price is for our work and all the services in the package including one year server and domain costs. At the end of the first year it is up to you if you want to keep your domain or the server with us or you want to move your page to another server. You are free!


FIXED PRICES, No crisis!

We always work based on fixed prices. You know how much does it cost and that is it! No surprises. Good quality work at a fixed and affordable price!

What do our clients say about our work ?


Need to reach us?

As a paid customer you can always get in touch with us easy and fast!

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Prices for alternative homepage packages

In order to survive in today’s online market all small businesses have to have a professional homepage and online profiling. If it is for giving information about the business or if it is to sell a business’s products. Do you want to buy a homepage for your company?Take a look at the packages we offer.

You can contact us for a free assessment and cost proposal for the project you have in mind.

* All prices are in SEK and excluding VAT.

+46 709 699 702


Let’s Talk And Work Together

If you think that we can help to put you and your company on the internet then give us a call. If you are not sure, give us a call anyway so that we can discuss it! You can also send us a message and we will contact you ASAP.

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