Internet has made the world smaller. Now a days people do not even go to the nearby store or shopping center to buy their new shoes, new electrical gadget or even their food. In many cases the acquired product is not purchased from a provider in the same country as the one that the buyer lives in. But how do they find what they want? They search on the internet and in most of the cases they search in their own language.


Multilingual content marketing

Benefits of multilingual content marketing
WIDER REACH – only 25.3% of internet users use English to search online and make a purchase. Multilingual content marketing widens your reach to increase your audience internationally.
QUICK – implementation of a multilingual marketing strategy is quick and easy.
Having a multilingual web site helps your business grow, without using too much of your time or resources. You can use your same content but in different languages and in a new market and increase its longevity.
All of this helps to boost the stability of your business.

Multilingual content marketing involves sharing different types of content and information in more than one language. This enables you to attract and retain international customers.

Why is it important?

9 out of 10 internet users in the EU prefer to browse sites in their own language, and 75 – 85% of people “occasionally” or “never” use another language to search or buy products. Multilingual content marketing boosts your business in an increasingly globalized market.


Your Desire &

While planning the form and the look of the site we implement the tools and scripts needed if one day you decide to go international and reach new markets by creating multilingual content.

Project Research
We do some research to find the solutions that matches your taste and needs
We suggest some of the best alternatives by showing you wireframe presentations
Using the wireframe you chose we start to design the site as you want it to look like
We implement the design in combination with the best script alternatives to develop your site
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